Meowphones™ - "My daughter says it is the best gift she has ever been given" - Valerie T.
Meowphones™ - "My daughter says it is the best gift she has ever been given" - Valerie T.
Meowphones™ - "My daughter says it is the best gift she has ever been given" - Valerie T.

Meowphones™ - "My daughter says it is the best gift she has ever been given" - Valerie T.

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One-of-a-kind design for kids, gamers and creative minds


  Protect your kids' hearing - The perfect solution if you want to have a volume limiter over your kids hearing.

  The perfect headset if you've been a victim of broken headphones - assembled with resistant and durable materials to prevent kids from breaking them.

  Perfect for distance learning - An easy way for the kids to follow online classes and to participate thanks to its microphone.

  First class Bluetooth connection Say goodbye to the nightmare of weak Bluetooth connection.

  You will be 100% satisfiedif you are not happy we will give you your money back, no questions asked.


Protect your kids' hearing

We've all been worried about our kids spending to much time using earphones, especially if we don't know if they are listening at excessive volumes. For this reason, we have set an effective volume limiter to protect our little ones' hearings, even if they don't realize and the sound appears to be on max volume. Also, its great sound quality will prevent them from mental fatigue.  

The perfect headset if you've been a victim of broken headphones 

We don't want you to buy new headphones and for your kid to accidentally break them after two months. For this reason, we have assembled the Meowphones™ with resistant and durable materials to assure they'll last.

Foldable, adjustable, and lightweight design is ideal for chucking in school bags, for storing in hand luggage, and for compact storage at home.

Perfect for distance learning 

With the current situation going on and without the certainty of how long it will last, the Meowphones™ are a quick and easy way for your kids to make distance learning easier and more comfortable. Not only will they be able to join online classes through a computer, but also through any other device as it is compatible with all kinds of devices (bluetooth or through cable).

You won't have to worry about the battery anymore, as it can withstand a whole day of school classes, even with the flashing lights mode! 

Forget about your kid being uncomfortable or having pain in their ears after 6 hours of classes, as we have assembled them with a soft cushion to provide a maximum well-being.

First class Bluetooth connection

No more sudden stops while listening to music, crackling, disconnection from your devices, or lack of compatibility. The latest bluetooth technology to connect to ALL devices. You can even connect if they don't have bluetooth, as a 3.5mm cable is included.

You Will Be 100% Satisfied

Your satisfaction is our priority. Try it for 30 days and if you are not happy with the purchase we will give you the money back, no questions asked. 


Your kids will love such a cute headset - They will stand out from the rest with these unique and fun aesthetics look with flashing lights.  

Unparalleled features - regulable flashing lights, volume limiter, first-class bluetooth, compatible with all devices, 3.5mm aux for connecting to non-Bluetooth devices, memory card chip and radio features, durable battery and more!

Simplified controls - four buttons adapted for kids so they can easily turn on/off the lights, connect it to bluetooth or adjust the volume. 

Suitable for all kid's activities - we've designed these headphones for your kid to be able to use them for music, gaming, online classes, sports, and so on.


YES! They are adjustable and will adapt different head sizes.


✈️  Due to high demand, delivery time will take 15-20 business days. 

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